Cambridge English examinations

The most valuable English qualifications in the world
Why Cambridge English?
Porque Cambridge English Language Assessment forma parte del día a día en el estudio del inglés de millones de personas y colabora con dedicación y pasión con cientos de miles de profesores y centros de enseñanza de todo el mundo. Los exámenes garantizan un aprendizaje sólido y continuo, paso a paso, desde el colegio hasta el mundo laboral.

Cambridge English ofrece formación para el profesor, con cientos de seminarios impartidos cada año. Además, cuenta con numerosos recursos gratuitos que servirán de apoyo tanto a alumnos como a profesores.

La experiencia habla por sí misma: Más de 40.000 profesores, 6.000 centros educativos, decenas de colaboraciones institucionales, asesoramiento en varios programas de bilingüismo y un sinfín de candidatos que iniciaron el camino del aprendizaje con Cambridge English.

The value of the Cambridge English Examinations
Recognised by over 20,000 institutions in 130 countries: Thousands of universities, colleges and other educational institutions around the world use Cambridge English exams.
Gain real-life communication and language skills for study: Stand out from the crowd by showing you have the real-life language skills necessary to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking places.
Prove that you have the right language skills to succeed at university: Educational institutions value and rely on Cambridge English exams because they thoroughly test all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Preparing for your exam will help you develop the skills needed for success at university.
Increase your chances of getting the place you want at university or college: If you can show you have an internationally recognised qualification in English, you will have a greater advantage when applying for a place at university or college.
Increase your future employment opportunities: Employers across the globe accept Cambridge English qualifications for recruitment, so you will improve your chances of getting your dream job.
Gain a qualification that can be used for visa applications: There are 13 Cambridge English exams that can be used for UK visa applications. Cambridge English exams can also be used for visa applications to Canada and Australia.

A range of exams to meet different needs
Cambridge English examinations have a long-established and well-deserved reputation for excellence. Over 5 million people in 130 countries take the exams every year: It is essential to the quality of the exams and the continued reputation of Cambridge English, that each one of those candidates experiences a test that consistently meets the high standards set. The exams are specifically designed to be fair to all test takers, whatever their age, gender, nationality, first language, culture or ethnic background.

Recognition and validity
The exams are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), published by the Council of Europe, making simple for employers, universities and other organisations to specify levels of language ability and easy for learners to choose the right exam.

Cambridge English Language Assessment was one of the organisations involved in the early development of this language benchmark, wich is used internationally to describe language ability. Cambridge English remains at the hearth of the development of the CEFR through being a key partner in English Profile, a research programme that will further develop the CEFR, providing detailed descriptions of learner English at each of the six levels.

To find organisations, employers, universities, colleges and other organisations that recognise Cambridge English exams, visit the Cambridge English Recogniton Online Database.

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